New Delhi, March 30  Musician Vineet Singh Hukmani, who has had nine number 1 singles in 2021 and also had three Grammy submissions, has come out with a multimedia concept book titled ‘Nine’, which has nine stories combined with an album of nine tracks.

‘Nine’ is a concept that features a buoyant new self-titled single along with eight of the artist’s chart-topping number 1 tracks.

The QR codes are embedded with each of the stories which have titles inspired by the track names, namely: ‘Nine’, ‘Dreaming Out Loud’, ‘Turning Back Time’, ‘Hurry’, ‘So New’, ‘I Pray’, ‘Where’s The Fun’, ‘Party From Home’ and ‘Jab The World’.

Talking about creating ‘Nine’, Hukmani said: “My primary reason for creating a new concept book of 9 action/adventure international stories that also has 9 upbeat songs embedded in the book, is to engage the cinema in the minds of my Indian readers.

“The OTT generation of viewers in India, are looking for new age action and the lines between international and Indian film-making styles are blurring everyday. Having watched films directed by the likes of Zoya Akhtar, Aditya Dhar, & Shoojit Sircar and other new directors in the OTT space, coupled with my book being number 1 on the amazon best seller list on debut in India, I am filled with confidence that my readers will also love my stories as films in the OTT space in the days to come.”

The musician says that when he looks at any of his nine action stories in his book that has just reached number 1 on amazon on debut in India, he can’t help but imagine popular Indian actors taking a creative leap in the OTT space.

“Think of Ranbir Kapoor as a young scientist who has invented a vaccine against hate and the world is after him to disallow it. I imagine Kriti Sanon in a psychological thriller where she uses social media algorithms to control people around her or John Abraham, a recluse in hiding who has to resurface to protect his family!”

“I can even see Ayushmann Khurrana strapped to a digital device which allows him to live inside his fondest memories and his crazy loving family try to get him back! My book + album are a catalyst for new age Indian OTT viewers to demand differentiation from their favourite Bollywood actors!”

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