How Does Motor Insurance Improve Your Biking Experience?

Driving a car may have its unique benefits, but when it comes to riding a bike, then nothing gives the same experience that it does. Gripping the handlebars, as you make your way on the road and the gentle wind caresses you, that is when you understand what freedom feels like. If you are a travel enthusiast, then you must be going on bike rides to seek adventure and thrill now and then. 

However, as exhilarating as a bike ride is, you cannot overlook the fact that it is also risky. With two wheels to balance on, you need to remain alert all the time. Such risk necessitates that you have bike insurance to keep yourself secure against the financial loss that may arise from an untoward happening.

As per the Motor Vehicle’s Act, it is mandatory for every person owning a car or bike to have at least a third-party insurance. If you drive a motorcycle, then such an insurance cover will have more significance for you than just meeting with the legal requirement. That is why you need to buy a comprehensive bike insurance policy. Further, you should also read motor insurance reviews before buying to get the best coverage for your bike. 

If you are still unsure how bike insurance can help you improve your riding experience, then let us tell you a few points that will explain the same.

  • No Risk of Penalty

Comprehensive bike insurance constitutes a third-party cover as well as coverage for your vehicle and yourself. However, as mentioned above, having third-party coverage is a legal requirement for all vehicles plying on the road. So, when you have bike insurance coverage (at least third-party coverage), you will not be subject to any penalties.

Police authorities often conduct random checks to see if you have bike insurance or not, and in the absence of a cover, you may drive around with a sense of fear of being caught. That is why, buy and renew your bike insurance timely to stay away from any legal hassles. It will help you enjoy your rides more. 

  • A Sense of Security

A bike insurance policy offers you financial support in meeting any liabilities that you may incur by causing any loss to the third-party. It ensures that you do not have to pay for financial compensation from your pocket. However, it is still advisable to drive with caution so that you do not cause any such trouble to another party whatsoever. 

Further, if you also have coverage beyond third-party insurance, then the insurer will also indemnify you for any loss caused to your bike, according to the terms and conditions. Some insurers also provide personal accident cover for the owner-driver to help in meeting any medical expenses that may result from a bike accident. Having such a bike insurance policy will ensure that you can enjoy some sense of financial assurance against any untoward happening while taking bike rides.

  • Assistance and Support

If you also opt for riders with your bike insurance plan, then you will further experience more significant support and assistance. Renowned insurers like Tata AIG provide you add-on with their bike insurance policies. These include the option to increase the personal accident coverage for owner-driver, support for emergency medical expenses and compensation for consumable covers. All such additional benefits will take a great deal of worry off your mind and ensure that you can travel with peace. 

Bike Insurance: Your Companion for Security

Life is uncertain, and so you never know what may unfold next. While you may love riding your bike to work or other places, never go easy on security. Follow all necessary precautions to keep yourself and other motorists on the road safe. Buy the right bike insurance policy and always carry the papers with you to stay clear of penalties as well. This way, you can drive to your heart’s content without any fear.

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