New Delhi, May 23  Actress Millie Bobby Brown, who plays the role of Eleven in the popular Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’, says the fourth season of the sci-fi adventure show starts to answer all of the questions one has about her character’s past and her storyline.

Talking about how it feels to return to this story and character after such a long break, Brown said: “Well, we came back in early 2020 but, due to COVID, we had to shut down production. I had a solid eight months off. It felt really nice to get back to work. I’d been inside and not really doing much. It was nice to be able to get back to work and get back to a schedule, and to reconnect with Eleven again.”

She added: “We left off at Hopper suspiciously disappearing into thin air. We also left off with Billy sacrificing himself to the Mind Flayer, and Eleven losing her powers. And then, ultimately, the Byers boys and Eleven left Hawkins to go somewhere else. There’s a lot left unexplained, and we definitely get into that in Season Four.”

She gives a walk through about her character Eleven’s evolution from Season 3 to the fourth season.

“Eleven starts off in Lenora Hills, California. She’s very much dealing with the loss of Hopper – or so she thinks – and she’s also dealing with regular life and being at school, where she’s being bullied, and has to try and understand how to be a normal person. She grew up in a laboratory – she grew up very sheltered, and was told what to do.

“This season is about showing her freedom, and about her understanding her own growth, and not just having other people tell her how to do things. So we start off in Lenora – with Will and Jonathan, and Jonathan’s new friend Argyle – and then Mike comes to town for a visit. That’s when the ball really gets rolling.”

Brown shared that Eleven’s superpowers always overshadowed her as a person.

“I really appreciate the Duffers taking this away, her most valued quality, on which she is so dependent. Where does taking her superpowers away lead her? Who is she, really? This season really dives into her emotional well being, instead of her simply being a sort of extraterrestrial. We get to find out who she is deep down as a person.”

What can we expect from Eleven’s journey this season, as we get a deeper look into her past and origins?

“This season is the season of explanations. This season really starts to answer all of the questions you have about Eleven’s past and her storyline, which was needed, and has been executed beautifully,” she shared.

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