Itanagar, Feb 2 At least three road construction workers were kidnapped at gunpoint by the suspected NSCN (K-YA) militants from Arunachal Pradesh, and taken to neighbouring Nagaland, the police said on Wednesday.

Police said that one of the three captives subsequently released and two others remained in the hideout of NSCN (K-YA).

The security forces have launched a manhunt to nab the extremists and to rescue the captives.

Police officials said that Bangphua Wangpan, Ramasish Mahato and Hiren Konch, a JCB operator, were engaged in the construction of the Pumao-Langkhow road in Longding district and were staying at a camp near the construction site from where the militants kidnapped them late on Tuesday evening.

The other workers had to walk 5-6 km to inform the police about the abduction.

Bangphua Wangpan, a resident of Langkhao village of Arunachal Pradesh was subsequently released.

The two others — Hiren Konch and Ramasish Mahato – are from Jalpaiguri in West Bengal.The villagers informed the police that the NSCN (K-YA) cadres are extorting money from businessmen for the past several months. Earlier the militants kidnapped many people including the construction workers in Arunachal Pradesh, but subsequently the guerillas released the abducted people after extorting money.

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