Meet The Twins Who’ve Shared Everything, Including A Boyfriend

OBSESSIVE twins Amy and Becky Glass are so close they haven’t been apart for more than 30 minutes in 15 YEARS. The 46-year-old twins share everything, including a joint Facebook profile, a bedroom, the same mobile phone, a business they run together in a shared home office and once even shared a BOYFRIEND who they both had sex with.

They go to extremes to be mirror images of each other – and wear the exact SAME outfit every day in slightly different colours. The pair say they are not interested in relationships anymore, and feel like they are ‘married’ to one another. Incredibly, Amy and Becky have been measuring out every bite of food and sip of drink using scales and measuring cups for 19 years to ensure their body-shapes and weights stay the same. For the past 19 years, Amy and Becky, have been eating and drinking the same amount of food – carefully weighing out meals and pouring drinks using measuring cups. They share an office – and their desks even face one another – meaning they sleep, live and work together twenty-four-seven.

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