Matt Smith is not good at making decisions

Los Angeles, Aug 22 Actor Matt Smith, who is best known for his roles as the eleventh incarnation of the doctor in the series ‘Doctor Who’ and Prince Philip in ‘The Crown’, says that he loathes his own indecisiveness.

Freely admitting to being a ditherer, the 39-year-old actor is hoping to “cut away the b*******” in the coming months and years, reports

“I’d like to try to cut away the b*******. Become more acute. My dad used to tell me, ‘There’s no such thing as a bad decision. The only bad decision is no decision.’ And that’s true, I think,” he explained.

Despite his indecisiveness, Smith is clear on one issue, what he plans to do with his hair

The actor thinks he’s lucky that he’s not got more grey hair at his age – but he doesn’t ever plan to dye it.

He told Esquire: “I reckon I’ve got a couple of years. Then it will all go. I’m not gonna dye it. I’m just gonna let it happen.”

And the actor – who starred alongside Claire Foy, who played Queen Elizabeth in the hit Netflix series ‘The Crown’ – said that he found “a lot to celebrate” about the late prince.

He said: “Rightly, as a society, we’ve celebrated Elizabeth as a wonderful example of a powerful, stylish, brilliant woman. But in many ways, what an example of a roguish, brilliant man. Why aren’t we as men allowed to celebrate that, fictionally or not? And I just found a lot to celebrate in Philip.”

Smith also saw some similarities between his real-life self and the prince, who died in April 2021, aged 99. He shared: “I grew up surrounded by lads and I like that culture. I like the camaraderie and the way you can take each other down, and that still exists between me and my mates.”

“We get together and we tear each other to bits and we laugh. And in the tearing each other to bits, there’s something about it that entertains me, I suppose.”

“But also, at the end of that, you have a sporting endeavour or whatever it is together and I like that sense of a team. I think Philip liked all that too.”

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