Mumbai, Dec 22  ‘Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’ actress Kamna Pathak shares how she gets nightmares by just thinking about maths on National Mathematics Day.

National Mathematics Day is observed every year in India on December 22 to commemorate the great mathematician Srinivas Ramanujan’s birthday.

She says: “Mathematics still gives me chills when I think about it. Not just like a kid, but I am really scared of that subject until today. Only my father in the entire world could teach me maths. Whatever I scored till 10th was because of my father.”

The actress further shares how her father helped her to understand the concept of mathematics.

“He would never teach me at home, and we would go to the playground where he used to give maths lessons by drawing on the sand on the ground. I could not even understand the formulas at school, but the way my father taught me is still fresh in my mind, and I am thankful to him that I never failed in that subject,” she adds.

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