Hyderabad, Nov 13 While the Saturday and Sunday episodes of ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ are to be hosted by Nagarjuna, it is expected that he will warn all the contestants on their behaviour.

Except for Singer Sree Rama Chandra, all the other contestants were badly tripping over during the tasks this week.

Nagarjuna is to address the issue which landed Sunny and Shanmukh in a massive fight. In Friday’s episode, a dispute arose between Siri and Sunny, in which Shanmukh intervened. Sunny, who lost his cool was seen yelling at the duo.

Though Sunny’s intentions were right, ‘Sanchalak’ Anne took a wrong decision, which irked Sunny more. Siri is seen provoking Sunny, while Shanmukh strategically attacked Sunny. With this, Anne as usual started yelling at Kajal, though she had already apologised for her mistake. Anne’s annoying gestures and pointing at Kajal in a vulgar way was a cringe show.

The viewers want Nagarjuna to point out the targeted harassment in the ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ house. Anne’s behaviour towards Kajal is one of the most important points that the viewers want Nagarjuna to address, while Shannu and Siri’s targeted fight needs to be exposed as well.

“Everyone lost their cool. But, what we must notice is that Shannu and Siri are much cunning and twisted every other word Sunny had spoken in temper,” one viewer wrote.

“Not that Sunny is right. But, these two are not completely right too. Siri spoke a few good points. But, that does not justify her targeted fight,” another wrote.

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