25 Things Which Will Make India A Developed Country

1. Increased penalty and immediate action for crime

Crime Records in India are pending for ages. There could be 10% which have immediate judgements in India. Also every judgement will have an option to come out of it. In order to avoid any crime the penalty for each crime should be severe and immediate, and no option should be given as an alternative for the judgement finalized. Every individual who committed crime must undergo the severe punishments, which will not allow the any other person in the country to commit the same crime.

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2. Death sentence for rapists

India is now in the trend of rape. Every day in the paper we read at least an average of 2 incidents of rape. There has been no reduction in these cases. Men attempting do not fear of anything. Single punishment for rape should be “Death”. Men should be scared even to touch a women when this is the case. Any kind of eve teasing should also have severe punishments to avoid any sexual harassment.

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3. Strict and immediate action for corruption

Corruption is our major threat. Every year we come across a major scam and multiple crores are in picture in such scams. However people forget as the year passes, reason being there are no judgements given for such, which allows people to perform such scams as they wish. As mentioned above, there should be immediate judgement and severe punishment for the corruption, which should dare people to get into the world of corruption

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4. Payment of Prompt and Real tax

Black Money – In India, Black money refers to funds earned on the black market, on which income and other taxes have not been paid. The total amount of black money deposited in foreign banks by Indians is unknown. Some reports claim a total exceeding US$1.4 trillion are stashed in Switzerland. If every Indian takes up the responsibility to pay the Real tax promptly and effectively, the money which is supposed to be utilized for India development will be utilized efficiently and India do not have to look forward from other World Organizations.

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5. Minimum Wages For Every Citizen of India

Similar to UK, USA and other western countries, India must implement improvised National Minimum Wages Act and make the employers follow it strictly. No citizen must work less than a certain amount of daily wages. This will benefit towards the country’s development in many ways. Currently we do have Minimum Wages Act 1948 which is not effectively followed by the employers. You can check the daily minimum wages for your region in this online website: paycheck.in

The long-term aim of a minimum wage is to remove the problem of poverty pay, which exists when the earnings from paid work do not result in a living wage and fail to push people out of poverty. There will be no citizen in the country below poverty line.

Brick factory in Lalitpur, Nepal

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6. Start Green revolution

India is supposed to be a Green India however when we enter any hi tech city we see only buildings and no trees. As a result there is pollution, no rain and people end up with suffering from unknown diseases. Every individual should take up responsibility of having a tree per house at least to make India a Green India.

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7. Decentralization of power

The local village or panchayat or colony or ward knows which the best decision for them is, in terms of electricity/roads/farming/dams. They should be given fair right to make that decision. Centralizing it is like trying to “fit one size for all”. Also, it will reduce the corruption as funds are not centralized in one place.

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8. Proper/Neat and Fair Transportation

Transportation is a major issue in multiple states of India. 10% of the cities have good transportation, but the 90% do not. Issues seen: Public transport vehicles not in a good condition, not neat, the bus/railway stations are not neat, buses are always almost crowded, no sufficient frequency of transport, no queue system while waiting for bus/train. Metros are having such facilities, however not every village in India have a metro. In order to make India a developed country the transportation system should be proper, neat and fair.

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9. People with Civic sense

This is one of the difficult task to look for. There are spit marks, urine, vulgar graffiti, random garbage and overflowing sewers at every nook and corner of India. NO city in this country has managed to fight the menace. It is easy to pin everything on the government, but people must first question themselves and their own civic sense. Roads are not dirty because nobody cleaned it, but because somebody dirtied it in the first place.

Civic sense is nothing but social ethics. Even swine flu, which is quickly spreading across the country, was caused by the absence of hygiene. This must be followed by every citizen without having the excuse “everybody does it”

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10. Treat and Respect all Human beings as one

Recommendation and Reservations are making the skilled and eligible people to move away from what they are supposed to do. Every talented individual is eliminated just because of the system of recommendation and reservations from higher and known people. All Indians should be treated as one.

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11. Disciplined traffic and following the rules

Most of the accidents are due to undisciplined traffic. Time is something which is making us not to follow the rules. Best way is to start early and follow the rules to avoid accidents and more delay in traffic by not following the rules.

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12. Clean and Neat Public Toilets

Have you ever seen a neat and clean public toilet in any of the bus stations? This is something which lies in our hands and the government. Every individual should ensure the toilet is ready for others to use when you leave. This doesn’t mean you have to clean it, you have to use it well. Government should ensure we have a neat, clean, hygienic public toilets for use.

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13. Appropriate customer service across all fields

Day in and Day out we need to work with multiple departments with the government. Of course everyone knows that the response in government offices and drastically less compared to private companies. Every government agent should take up the responsibility and accountability to do their work promptly and effectively.

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14. Work for your own country

Every year we have multiple engineers and doctors coming out of India. Efficient individuals leave the country and provide their expertise in other countries, which makes Indians to reach out to other country for services given by Indians outside India. Most of the developed countries have around 20% of their growth due to Indian minds.

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 15. Clean and Neat Rivers/Water Bodies

What is the condition of our major rivers of India? Every corner of the river/water body there are waste items, all rivers are polluted, and all water bodies in the cities are having a wicked smell when you cross it. We need to have clean and neat water bodies in India. Responsibility lies with every Indian and the government. Do not throw garbage in the water bodies, it is not a dustbin.

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16. Give priority for Agriculture

Agriculture is the back bone of India. 75% of India is agricultural land. Most priority should be given to agriculture and farmers to make India a developed country. Every year there has been increase in the rate of farmers’ suicides. And the generation of farmers look forward for IT rather than agriculture. Priority for agriculture will help in maintaining our back bone steady.

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17. Effective and affordable Public Health Care

Public Health care are not as effective as private health care. And the private health care is not affordable for every being in India. Government should take extensive measures of having effective and affordable public health care which is accessible at every part of India

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18. Increased Literacy rate

The literacy rate in India stands at 74.04% in 2014. The literacy rate should be 100% in order to make India a developed country. The understanding of every part of what we do can be achieved only though education. And this education should be proper and the result should be effective.

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19. Pollution Control

Pollution is another major threat. Everywhere there are pollution, especially in cities, air pollution, water pollution etc. Eradicating pollution will be a difficult task, but controlling the pollution lies in the hands of each individual and the government.

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20. Utilization of Indian products

Again a difficult task to look forward. Nowadays every product we use is a foreign product, sometimes we do not realise which is Indian product and which is foreign made. As Narendra Modi says, if we use and purchase only Indian products for a span of 90 days, the value of 1 US $ will be equal to 1 Rupee.

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21. Fair decision in Sports and Other fields

Every field is losing efficient resources due to corruption. Especially sports field. The selection of players are not done in a fair manner for most of the sports which is making us lose multiple gold medals in international level games. Corrective and Fair decision should be made in in Sports and other fields.

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22. Clean up your own mess

Cleanliness is something which is not prevailing in India in almost 90% of areas. Every Indian should be responsible enough, not to dirty your own nation. Clean up your own mess and the nation will be clean by itself. Ensure your surroundings are clean and neat and you should not be the factor of littering on roads and in public places.

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 23. Women should walk at will even during night (“alone”)

India should be in a state where a woman should be able to walk alone at will even during night times. There should be no threat to her from the society

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24. Proper implementation of Government plans

Government is bringing up multiple plans to make India a developed country, however everything in vain. This is due the stage where the implementation of such plans are not effective. Major reason is due to corruption and scams. If the plans proposed are implemented successfully as expected, India will become a developed country soon.

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25. Eradicate Bribery

Bribery is one of the major reasons keeping India still a developing country. Giver and taker are responsible for such crimes. This should be considered as a huge crime and punishment should be severe. Giving 100  to the Traffic police for not wearing helmet has become a fashion nowadays. All such activities should be controlled and bribery should be eradicated.

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