Hyderabad, June 11 Adivi Sesh’s film ‘Major’ has already surpassed Rs 50 crore at the box office, with both viewers and critics praising his nuanced performance as Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan. 

But, it was the love and comments from the late Major’s family and a former colleague and friend who lived with him, trained with him, and knew him well that had the greatest impact on Adivi Sesh.

“I have been waiting for this movie, MAJOR, ever since its making was announced,” Razzaque Adil, who served with the Major at the National Defence Academy and National Security Guard and knew him well, said after watching the film. 

“I received a call from Adivi Sesh, who plays Sandy sir in the film and is also the driving force behind it, thanks to Sandeep’s father. The sense of loss that I feel every time I remember Sandy reappeared as the end credits played”, Razzaque Adil said. 

Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s colleague then elaborates, “I was, however, immensely proud of the reactions of the other spectators who had no idea who I was. Many were solemn, most appeared sincerely saddened, and a few children appeared to be in tears”.

“It’s a well-made movie that gets most of the facts & details accurate,” he says of Adivi Sesh’s performance in the film”, he explained further. 

“The narrative of his close-knit Bengaluru family and their sacrifices is well depicted. Adivi deserves special praise for the sensitively crafted love story between him and his wife. Adivi Sesh looks the part and nails Sandy’s demeanour. I had the impression that I was witnessing the real Sandy on TV in various situations. The filmmakers have also succeeded in highlighting the aspects of Sandy’s life that were truly important to her!” 

The Adivi Sesh-starrer has been praised for depicting the 26/11 hero’s story through a gripping narrative. 

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