Madhavan, Surveen Chawla pair up for ‘Decoupled’

Mumbai, Nov 10  Actors R. Madhavan and Surveen Chawla will be seen in Netflix’s upcoming comedy drama titled ‘Decoupled’.

Madhavan said: “I play the character of ‘Arya’, a pulp-fiction writer who suffers with a rather uncompromised sense of objectivity and clarity, along with a determination to not compromise (ever!) – which is hilarious especially when pitted against his calm and composed wife Shruti, played by Surveen. Surveen was a delight to work with through and through and I hope the chemistry and humour we share on-screen leaves audiences laughing uncontrollably.”

Madhavan will be seen as ‘Arya’ and Surveen as ‘Shruti’. From friends to life partners – Arya and Shruti have been through it all. As the sarcastic, outspoken pulp fiction writer Arya, and his calm, composed corporate suit CEO wife Shruti decide to call it quits on their marriage.

Although they decide it’s time to part ways, the two find unexpected chemistry as they hilariously navigate through their issues, and juggle the constant question of should they or shouldn’t they be together. Should they decouple or not?

Surveen Chawla, who returns to Netflix after playing the much loved Jojo in ‘Sacred Games’, added: “‘Decoupled’ hilariously sheds light on a modern couple trying to work through the nuances of a marriage while trying to keep their sanity intact. Madhavan is playing my husband Arya’s character with utmost ease and his comic timing is spot on.”

“The dynamic of Shruti and Arya is unique, honest and it was honestly such a refreshing experience. Manu Joseph and Hardik Mehta were incredible in egging us on to bring these characters to life in our own ways. It is an entertaining comedy and we hope the audiences enjoy watching it.”

Speaking about ‘Decoupled’, creator Manu Joseph added: “‘Decoupled’ is about a guy who can see in any situation what others are trained to ignore. Naturally, it gets him into trouble wherever he goes, and this sort of objectivity is not healthy for a man in a marriage. One of our goals was to keep it all real.

“The thing about comedy is that if it is not real it is not funny; and what is difficult about comedy is that every component in a scene has to fire for it to work. It was amazing to watch Madhavan throw away his good-boy image for the lead role and reach deep into his delinquent side.”

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