‘Lock Upp’: Saisha Shinde eliminated after a heated argument with Kangana Ranaut

Mumbai, March 27 Designer and transwoman Saisha Shinde had a heated argument with Kangana Ranaut and this led to her eviction from ‘Lock Upp’.

Saisha had been seen constantly complaining about the food items being provided in less quantity. She also rudely behaved with the guards of the jail. When Kangana asked for justification, Saisha replied: “I won’t apologize, do whatever you want”

Her answer infuriated Kangana and she called her the weakest contestant in the show. “I think you are the most irresponsible and weak contestant in the show and I can get 50 other contestants,” said Kangana.

After listening to this, Saisha started packing her bag by saying: “I am not leaving the show, Kangana is evicting me.” Munawar tried to console her as she was crying continuously.

Furthermore, Kangana was also upset with all the inmates’ behaviour in her jail and she called out people who are encouraging this behaviour. She warned Anjali Arora and Poonam Pandey not to get physically involved with anyone, whether it is pushing or biting each other.

She also warned Kaaranvir Bohra not to support these acts. Kangana also warned Mandana not to body shame Azma Fallah or others. She was unhappy with the behaviour of the inmates who were continuously fighting and trying to demean each other.

Kangana then states: “I won’t see that if you are a celebrity or an influencer in the outside world, I won’t tolerate such behaviour in my ‘Lock Upp’. I have no favouritism in the house, nor do I follow any political party. I am against nepotism as you all know. That is just who I am as a person! the moment you guys do anything against the rules, you’ll be kicked out from the badass jail.”

‘Lock Upp’ streams on ALTBalaji and MX Player.

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