Mumbai, Nov 16  British-Indian actor Danny Sura, who is known for playing Jeffrey Fletcher in the ongoing historical drama series ‘Vidrohi’, often surprises the audience with his flawless Hindi.

The fact is that his parents hail from Punjab and moved to the UK in the ’70s, the actor grew up watching classic Bollywood movies which helped him understand Hindi and hone his vocabulary in the language.

Danny’s early introduction to Bollywood cinema helped him a lot when he decided to pursue his dream of acting. Talking about the same, the actor says, “When I moved to Mumbai in 2011, I hired a personal tutor and worked my backside off learning how to read, write and speak.”

British-Indian actor Danny Sura.

“I have now forgotten how to read and write it but being on set and talking in Hindi to the crew and my fellow cast members has helped me get better over the years. The biggest compliment I got was when the showrunner of ‘Vidrohi’ said to me that my Hindi is too good as Jeffrey Fletcher and that I need to make it sound more accented!”

Reminiscing about the past, Danny says, “When I used to audition back in my struggling days, even learning two paragraphs of Hindi dialogue would get me nervous and I would take hours. Now with hard work and having confidence in myself I can learn pages of dialogue in about 15 minutes!”

“The key is confidence. If you worry too much about diction and become too conscious then your performance goes out the window. Focus on your performance and the truth of your character and all will flow,” he adds.

Having worked in projects like ‘Girl in the City’, ‘Bose: Dead/Alive’ and ’21 Sarfarosh: Saragarhi 1897′, Danny’s slate looks interesting with his next feature film titled ‘Rani Rani Rani’ where he will be seen alongside Tannishtha Chatterjee.

Also, his first international film ‘Footprints on Water’ with Adil Hussain is due for release next year.

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