10 Realistic Facts which differentiates the Life Before and After Social Networking

Social Networks have always been useful at this generation. But there are various facts which has taken off the normal life of a human being. The following points will provide the differences in a human’s life before and after the entry of social network.

1. Accessing Internet

Before:  People used to access Internet primarily to check their e-mails

Point 1.1

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After: People access Internet primarily to share what they are doing, and check what their friends are up to


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2. Usage of Mobile Phones

Before: Mobile phones were mostly used to talk and for sending messages only

Point 2.1

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After: Mobile phones are increasingly being used to access social networking sites and update their status messages, especially on Facebook and Twitter

Point 2.2

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3. Social Contacts with Friends

Before: People were physically social, i.e. meeting other people personally and communicating with them

Point 3.1

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After: People have become virtually social, i.e. meeting other people on social networks, rather than meeting them personally

Point 3.2

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4. Childhood Life

Before: School going children were more into outdoor activities

Point 4.1

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After: Current generation children are always with mobile phones and laptops; playing games and chatting.

Point 4.2

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5. Utilization of Time with Family

Before: People used to spend lesser time on the Web and most time with Family

Point 5.1

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After: Users spend a lot more time on the Web, most of which is used for social networking

Point 5.2

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6. Sharing Personal Tastes

Before: An average person was not too keen in sharing his likes and dislikes with the world

Point 6.1

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After: The advent of social networking has encouraged an average person to share his likes and dislikes openly with the world


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7. Medium of Advertising

Before:  Businesses were focused on using only traditional mediums like TV, print, etc. to advertise their products or services

Point 7.1

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After: Business are investing huge amount of time and money in understanding social networks to use them for advertising purposes

Point 7.2

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8. Branding for Celebrities

Before:  Celebrities relied hugely on their producers and agents to publicize their brand image

Point 8.1

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After: Celebrities are increasingly using social networks to keep in touch with their fans and publicize their image

Point 8.2

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9. Availability Status in Social Networks

Before: Employees spent lesser time online at offices during working hours

Point 9.1

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After: Companies where social networking sites are allowed to access, find their employees using more time online during working hours

Point 9.2

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10. Conveying wishes to Friends

Before: Friends and relatives were wished on special occasions like birthdays through telephones, messages and greeting cards

Point 10.1

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After: Friends and relatives are wished on special occasions only through social networking sites by many people today

Point 10.2

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