Let faith inspire you, says actress Amala Paul

Chennai, March 26 Actress Amala Paul, who loves to travel, on Saturday chose to share her wisdom on decision-making and life with her followers on Instagram by posting a video clip of her road trip.

Posting a video clip of a drive that she had undertaken with friends to heal herself, the actress wrote, “There are two roads you can take at this point; one that repeats the same cycles you’re currently experiencing or one that throws you into a world of new beginnings.

“Whatever you decide, let your intuition guide you and your faith inspire you. You’re getting closer to greatness each day.”

Amala is known to travel and go on treks to relax. In fact, Amala considers her Himalayan trek to be one of her biggest achievements. In 2016, the actress went on a 110-km trek that happened at a height of 17,000 feet. It was supposed to be a 10-day trek, but she covered the distance in eight days.

Only recently, the actress had recalled her trip to Indonesia’s Pink Island by posting pictures on Instagram that she had shot there.

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