Lakshmi Manchu ventures into metaverse, buys ‘Azuki’ NFT

Hyderabad, jan 24 telugu actress Lakshmi Manchu has taken her opening step into metaverse, with the purchsase of her first non-fungible token (NFT). Azuki, an iconic manga character, is her first NFT purchase.

“The ownership of the Azuki NFT will allow me exclusive rights to content that can be opened up later for audiences who own Azukis. This content could be in the form of games, short stories and other digital assets,” Lakshmi informed IANS.

NFTs are a class of digital assets that can be transacted via blockchain technology on special platforms. They are non-interchangeable, unlike crypto currency, which are fungible or interchangeable.

Lakshmi said she had been wanting to explore the new meta world for some time. “I was very nervous as this is my first NFT and I can’t say I know what this new meta world is, but it sure is exciting and I’m in love with my character,” she added.

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