Kushbu pens heartfelt posts to daughters on Instagram

Chennai, April 27  Actress, producer and politician Kushbu Sundar on Wednesday penned two heartfelt posts, one each to both her daughters on Instagram.

In one post, Kushbu said, “My prettiest Bommai kutti, Do you know how beautiful you are inside out? You are my little one. I cannot look at you as someone who is all grown up, literally towering over my small figure.

“To me, you will always be my kutti vaal. You and your mischievous ways, eyes twinkling with life, your smile warming me up, your hugs giving me greatest joys. The way you call me ‘mmmaaaaa’ or mumma or ammaa, never fails to bring immense happiness.

“Just as what your name means, you bring joy where you go. You coming into my life has been my greatest joy. I cannot tell you enough, I love you. You determination, hardwork, attitude to achieve makes me swell with pride. Your achievements are yours. Nobody can take that away from you.

“Just continue to believe in yourself and prove the world you are for a purpose. To achieve, to serve, to make a difference.

“Though I do not treat you like an adult, please remember I am immensely proud of you. You are such wonderful person. Do not let anything change you.

I love you, today, and forever. Till my last breath. Till eternity. Love you my Bommai. Yours Amma or maaaa as you call me.”

In another post, the actress wrote, “My Beabu, never knew when you grew up to be such fine young woman. To me, you will always be my little one. My pink tall baby with a sharp nose.

“Today, when you speak to me, I am amazed at your maturity and understanding. They say there is always a reversal of roles as kids grow. I am experiencing it.

“You have taken over as a mother. I feel it in your words, your concern, your patience, your comforting ways, the way you handle a situation. I am amazed. But more than that, I am proud of you.

“I won’t take the credit for anything that you are today for you are beyond me. I am nothing when I see you. Everyday, I learn new things from you.

“All I want to say is I am truly blessed. Lucky to have you as my baby. Just remember, I love you. Till eternity. Yours Amma.”

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