Mumbai, Sep 16 Comedian Kruhsna Abhishek brought some friends from the kinnar community to bless the cast of ‘Middle Class Love’ such as Prit Kamani, Kavya Thapar and Eisha Singh.

This occurred during the promotions of their film which involved a special video shoot with Krushna.

Talking about it, Krushna said: “Prit, Esha and Kavya were shooting for a promotional video with me and I took that opportunity to introduce them to the Kinnar community.”

“The Kinnar community has always blessed people post a wedding or childbirth. These three actors are akin to new-borns because they are beginning their innings in the Hindi film industry. So I thought it would be unique and wonderful to get the blessings of the Kinnar community. I am happy that my friends came on my behest and blessed the trio.”

Director Ratnaa Sinha called it a “heartening moment” to see these young kids getting blessed by “kinnars as they begin their big screen career”.

“Prit, Kavya and Eisha were so touched by their warmth and love. Usually the launch of a star kid is accompanied with a whole lot of hullabaloo, but the same is rarely extended to non star kids. These are promising young talented people who feel assured that they are headed down the right path.”

“They saw the Kinnars as a blessing from the Universe. In an ever shifting industry, everyone is navigating the evolved taste of the audiences, but eventually talent is bound to reign supreme. I am certain that these young kids will have a bright future ahead and it couldn’t have begun for them in a more auspicious way.”

‘Middle Class Love’ stars Prit Kamani, Eisha Singh, Kavya Thapar and is directed by Ratnaa Sinha. The film is jointly produced by Anubhav Sinha’s Benaras Media Works and Zee Studios.

The movie is all set to release on Friday (September 16).

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