Los Angeles, Sep 9 Reality star Kim Kardashian is launching new goods which she dubbed “the most comfortable bras you will ever wear”.

Releasing a new range, which prioritises weightless comfort and shape, the 41-year-old beauty uses soft materials and innovative technology to create supportive pieces which feel “like you’re wearing nothing.”

“Guys, these are the most comfortable bras you will ever wear,” Kim said in a teaser clip. “I’ve always found bras to be so uncomfortable and constricting. My bra was the first thing I would take off when I got home.”

“This is why we introduced all the little bralettes because they didn’t have underwire and they were just so comfortable and I could wear them from day to night.”

SKIMS began developing underwired bras in 2019 and dedicated a year to fit trials and wear testing to ensure they had come up with something for everyone.

She added: “There really is a bra style here that fits every single need, shape, want that you can possibly imagine. I just really can’t wait for you to experience these bras.”

Kim recently revealed that she hates being asked for favours because she struggles to say no to people. She shared, “I do have a problem saying no to people, so I hate when people ask me for things.”

“It’s like, ‘Hey, will you do this work thing, it’ll just be two seconds’. And I’m like, ‘It’s not that easy. I’m coming from Calabasas, which is an hour each way’. It takes about two hours in glam, so if someone asks me to do a five-minute cameo, it’s never just that.”

“But, all my friends and family, no one ever really asks me for anything or needs anything. We’re all just cool.”

Kim has enjoyed huge success during her career, and she has massive following on social media, too. However, the former ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star still struggles with her self-confidence.

She told Interview magazine, “It’s so weird. I have a problem being super confident. I’ve always been more self-deprecating, and I get shy when it comes to, ‘Describe yourself. Talk about yourself.’ Things like that.”

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