‘KBC 14’ contestant tells Big B how a train journey changed his life

Mumbai, Oct 18 A 35-year-old scriptwriter Vikram Khurrana told megastar and host Amitabh Bachchan during ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati 14’ how travelling in a local train changed his perspective towards life and inspired him to be a scriptwriter.

Vikram, who hails from Mumbai, started his career in finance at an early age because of his father’s deteriorating health but while he was travelling in a local train, a moment changed him completely and he decided to change his profession.

He said: “I used to catch the train that would leave from Kandivali station at 9.02 a.m. If I missed that train, I would get an earful from my boss. Thus I would always strive to catch that train, even if there was no space inside, and I would always find myself standing at the door. At 9.02 a.m. as I was travelling to the office, I was not happy at all, there was an inner voice saying, ‘I need change'”.

He added how he realised that if he was not going to change his profession he will keep travelling in local trains only.

“There was a 14-year-old standing in front of me at the door. Behind him was an 18-year-old boy and behind him I was there and then behind me was a 45-year-old man. At that moment, at the doorway of a train coach, I found my whole life panned out. At 24 I was here, at 18 I travelled by the same train to college and then at 14 too I was there. I did not want to be 45 and standing in the same place. That was the time I decided I wanted to get off the train.”

This is how Vikram decided to do something different and bigger in life. His intelligent answers and interesting story impressed Big B.

‘KBC 14’ airs on Sony Entertainment Television.

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