Mumbai, Feb 18 Television actor Kapil Nirmal has been roped in for the mythological show ‘Baal Shiv’, where will be seen playing the role of a demon named Tarakasur.

Giving a sneak peek into the character, Kapil says: “Tarakasur was a king and is a man of unmatchable intelligence and impeccable power. Knowing Mahadev being a sanyasi, he asks Lord Brahma for a Vardaan (blessing) that only Shiv’s son can kill him, making him an immortal.”

The ‘Na Aana Is Des Laado’ actor elaborates more on his role which is of a selfish demon with all the evils but at the same place he loves his family.

“He is the most selfish person as he does not do any deed without his profit. But at the same time, his love for his family is his only weakness. Amidst all his evil plans, he makes sure to take care of his family and especially his mother.”

“Tarakasur’s love for his mother comes out in the form of devotion towards her. The character has dark and light shades making it an interesting role,” he adds.

Sharing his excitement about this new journey and his comeback on television after four years, Kapil Nirmal states: “I have missed being on television, but I was looking for an exciting and challenging project to make a comeback. And ‘Baal Shiv’ felt like the perfect choice.”

He goes on saying that the concept of this show was the sole reason for taking on this role.

“It is my first mythological show, and I am quite excited. Mythology is very different from other genres. It requires a certain look and feel of the character, body language, diction and dialogue delivery, and a lot of reading and understanding of the character’s journey.”

“From the headgear to the heavy jewellery and makeup, the experience is quite enriching, and I cannot wait to see myself on the screen after a long time in a new avatar,” he concludes.

‘Baal Shiv’ airs on &TV.

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