Bengaluru, April 27  The Kannada film industry, which is celebrating the runaway success of ‘KGF Chapter 2’ at the national level, is also keeping its fingers crossed over the possible outbreak of a fourth Covid wave.

If there is a spike in the number of Covid cases, the state government is likely to first impose restrictions on theatres, pubs and restaurants.

After the assurance from Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Wednesday that unnecessary restrictions will not be implemented and measures will be taken in such a way that the economy is not affected, the producers are somewaht relieved.

However, producers of more than 30 films are praying that the fourth wave, if it comes, doesn’t turn out to be a spoiler.

Medical workers take swab samples from residents for COVID-19 tests at a residential compound in Chaoyang District of Beijing, on Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2022. . (Xinhua/Chen Zhonghao/IANS)

The big movies which were shelved due to the pandemic situation in the state in the last two years are being released in the months of May and June. Unfortunately, Bengaluru is already seeing a spike in the number of Covid cases, causing worry to the film industry.

Sharan starrer ‘Avatara Purusha’, Jaggesh starrer ‘Totapuri’, Manu Ravichandran’s ‘Prarambha’, Rakshith Shetty’s ‘Charlie’, and Yograj Bhat’s ‘Galipata 2’ are some of the big ticket movies ready to be released in Karnataka.

The teams of ‘Totapuri’ and ‘Avatara Purusha’ have finalised the release dates in May and June, respectively, while the release of ‘Galipata 2’ will also be announced soon, sources in the film industry said.

The film producers and exhibitors have already requested the government not to impose harsh measures on exhibition of movies like it did during the third wave around this time last year.

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