Los Angeles, July 20 Jennifer Lopez’s mother Guadalupe RodrAguez believes Hollywood star Ben Affleck is the singer’s true love. The 76-year-old was said to have made the declaration by her friend Sunny Hostin. 

During a roundtable talk on ‘The View’, Hostin, 53, said she’d talked to J-Lo’s mother about the star’s relationship with now-husband Ben Affleck, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

The show started with Whoopi Goldberg sending congratulations to Lopez and Affleck who tied the knot in Las Vegas on Saturday.

When Whoopi, 66, asked her co-hosts if they were surprised the couple, dubbed Bennifer, had got hitched, Hostin said not at all “because Ben is her true love”.

Sunny added: “I knew they would get back together. I knew that they were in love.

“I’ve spoken to her (Jennifer’s) mother, Lupe, about it. Lupe has always said that Ben is her true love, and we all have them, and I know this is going to last forever and that they’re going to live happily ever after, and that’s why she took his last name and she loves him.”

A witness at Jennifer and Ben’s wedding said they were emotional and tearful as they read vows at their wedding.

Kenosha Portis, who was working at the Little White Wedding Chapel when the couple said “I do” added ‘Bennifer’ arrived just before they closed up.

She told Good Morning America: “It was so exciting. I mean, we were getting ready to close and we had a special guest arrive as a walk-in.

“I started shaking a little bit, you know, ‘Oh my God this is Jennifer Lopez we are getting ready to marry!’ As they were reading each other’s vows, they were very sweet, they both were emotional. They cried to each other. The kids were right there behind them.”

Reports said Jennifer, 52, walked down the aisle to ‘Here Comes the Bride’, played over the famous chapel’s Bluetooth speaker at the surprise, low-key ceremony.

Among the very few guests at the A-listers’ nuptials were said to be the singer’s 14-year-old twin girl Emme and one of 49-year-old ‘Batman’ actor Ben’s three children.

The pair are reportedly planning a second wedding at Ben’s home in Georgia.

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