Javed Akhtar lends his voice to create IP awareness among young people

Mumbai, April 22 As the Indian Performing Right Society Ltd (IPRS) gears up to launch an awareness campaign on music rights on World Intellectual Property Day, iconic poet and lyricist Javed Akhtar emphasises the importance of protecting IP rights among the youth.

Akhtar said, “The Indian Performing Right Society Ltd (IPRS) is consistently innovating to safeguard its members’ works and rights. Continuing with its efforts, IPRS is now all set to expand its horizon, reaching out to the youth and the nation’s future creators, helping them to find out how IP rights can support their goals, and help transform their dreams into reality. We aim to bring about the much-needed change towards understanding and acknowledging the rights of a creator.”

IPRS is a copyright society registered under the Copyright Act, 1957.

Speaking on the initiative, Rakesh Nigam, CEO, of IPRS said, “We are glad to take this effort to the next level by reaching out to not only the creators of today but empowering the songwriters of tomorrow through knowledge and knowhow.”

“This financial year, our focus will be to create a valuable business ecosystem and new revenue opportunities for our members. The industry is witnessing major transformation, with digital technology presenting new opportunities and challenges in protecting copyright works, thus catapulting the role of IPRS further,” he added.

Launching the initiative on April 26, the first session will happen at the Institute of Film, Communication and Creative Arts – Whistling Woods, where IPRS will shed light on why it is vital for creators and those associated with music and media, to understand IP and copyright.

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