Mumbai, July 6 The writer of the upcoming film ‘Jaadugar’, Biswapati Sarkar shared how he wove the story around three components like football, magic and a love story in one narrative; also why Jitendra Kumar is the best casting for the film.

The story’s main character, Meenu, is a work-in-progress magician who belongs to a football-obsessed called Neemuch. He loves magic a great deal, but he doesn’t care nearly as much about football. The difficulty arises in the fact that he longs to wed the love of his life but first must demonstrate his fortitude in a coveted inter-colony football tournament. His team hasn’t won in years, and the girl doesn’t love him back, so the odds aren’t in his favour.

Talking about the idea of Jaadugar, Biswapati Sarkar emphasized, “No one actually connects these three components – magic, football, and love – I thought the concept was incredibly innovative. When a player used to play well, he was referred to as a ‘Jaadugar’ in the football games I used to watch frequently. Thus, that served as the basis for Jaadugar’s inspiration to be a magician both on and off the field. Consequently, that is how the title came to be. That, in essence, is the story’s main topic.”

Elaborating on why Jitendra Kumar was the perfect fit for ‘Jaadugar’, Biswapati shared, “As strange as it may sound, while Sameer and I were discussing, I could picture Jitendra in some of the scenes and when Netflix, of course, joined the project, it was the ideal time to cast an actor like him.”

‘Jaadugar’ is a family entertainer, directed by Sameer Saxena and produced by Posham Pa Pictures and Chalkboard Entertainment, stars Jitendra Kumar, Jaaved Jaaferi, and Arushi Sharma in the key roles. The film releases on Netflix on July 15.

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