Mumbai, June 2  The untimely demise of singer KK has left everyone shell-shocked. As the nation grieved for the death of one its most iconic singers, KK’s music teacher recently spoke about him and how he was a brilliant artiste even during his formative years.

As per a media report, Sumitra Mohanty shared that KK’s voice helped him bag a seat in Delhi’s Kirori Mal College, as he topped the extra-curricular activities (ECA) admissions list in 1986 in the singing category.

Sumitra told the media that the ‘Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai’ hitmaker was a remarkable and talented student.

Recollecting the singer’s admission process, the teacher said, “I was new to the college back then and had just formed a music society. He topped the list of ECA admissions in music, and he deserved it.”

She mentioned that she always takes pride in saying that she found KK through ECA admissions.

She also shared that although he was a Western music singer, he eventually took up Indian music courtesy her teachings on no demarcations between music, and how Indian music became the Kk’s “bread and butter” as he went on to deliver some of the biggest musical hits across decades.

KK passed away on Tuesday after performing at Nazrul Mancha in Kolkata. Throughout his performance the singer kept complaining about uneasiness.

Soon after the performance while driving back to the hotel he suffered a cardiac arrest. Efforts to revive him at the hotel were unsuccessful after which he was rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead on arrival. He was 53 and is survived by his wife Jyothy Kumar and two children.

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