Berlin, March 23 German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has said that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was “stuck” and that President Vladimir Putin needed to “hear the truth”, BBC reported.

He also warned that suggestions of an instant embargo on Russian energy supplies should be dismissed, as its impact on Europe would be devastating.

He said Germany is in the process of becoming independent from Russian energy sources, but that “doing this from one day to the next would push our country and the whole of Europe into a recession”.

He warned that “entire industries would be on the brink [of collapse]” and that existing anti-Russian sanctions are already hitting German citizens hard, BBC reported.

Russian forces are failing to advance in Ukraine despite the continued heavy bombardment of cities and towns, Scholz said.

“Putin’s offensive is stuck despite all the destruction that it is bringing day after day,” he said, adding that the Russian leader “needs to hear the truth”, stop the fighting and try to find a diplomatic solution.

The war, Scholz said, is not just destroying Ukraine, “but also Russia’s future”.

Warning Moscow of further penalties, he said: “We are constantly tightening the sanctions, but [the measures] should not hurt European states harder than the Russian leadership.”

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