Thoughts Of An Indian Girl Who Is Disappointed On Seeing the News Feed About Rape in India

On March 8th Women’s day, what does an average Indian girl feel every-time when she sees Rape news on her news-feed.

Let us live

Many of girls have been writing about rape these days. Every-time I refresh my news feed I get to read a new story. Those girls make me feel proud to be a girl, unlike those people out there who consider that rape is a crime for which both the victim and accused are responsible equally.

Oh No !! Wait ! Not equally. The victim would have been wearing provocative clothes or may be she was roaming freely at night or may be even that her eyes were visible in her burkha. This term ‘RAPE’ is now getting on my nerves.

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Why do I get to hear the word ‘RAPE’ every single day. Let us live people, let us live. Please don’t make me question my existence. Opening up a little about myself, I am just a normal girl who loves doing normal things, sometimes my parents may comply and sometimes they may not. Just talking about yesterday, I wanted to go out and play holi with my friends who stay not much far by my place. But my parents insisted that I play in my society rather than going outside as there may be those men outside who wait for girls and then what if they do something wrong to me? Wrong definitely means ‘RAPE’. This made my scalp tickle.

Are my parents always worried when I go out? What might they be going through when I am busy at my work place and don’t answer any calls? I am just a 21 year old girl, back then when I was 19 I was proud of being a girl, I was proud of my existence. But the Nirbhaya incident changed everything for me. This thing made me feel low, more was added to it when there were people who in public blamed the girl for getting raped. Why do we have to go through this? Do we ever look at you and give you any kind of hints?

Delhi Court Found Four Accused Guilty In December 16 Rape Case
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Then why do you come and grope us and later pretending that it was just a mere mistake. No, we don’t like being touched without our consent. Who are you to decide to touch me? It is my body, it hurts me deep within when a man purposely walks close enough for his own lust. Does it give you all immense pleasure when you purposely rub your hand against our thighs? How will you react when someone just like you purposely hits his arm on breast of your daughter or wife ? We don’t stare at you when you wear shorts, nor do we hurl out any comments that would hurt your dignity. Then why do you do this to us?

We are living beings just like you. In fact we tend to have more feelings compared to you. It hurts our dignity, breaks down our morality when you mistreat us. We just want to live our life on our own terms. Wear what I want, do what I like, I want my parents to feel safe when I am out, I just want to live. This is quite obvious that every man has a woman in his life may it be his mother or wife or daughter. Don’t consider us as goddess, just consider us a normal human just like you. Don’t make us question our existence. We don’t want your respect or your sympathy. We just want you to not consider us as mere sex objects, stop objectifying us. Let us be on our own.


Priyanka Turakhia


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