5 Reasons Why India is Still a Developing Country

1. Corruption

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Corruption leads to an increase in the transaction cost. Corruption also decreases the efficiency and does not allow the development of a healthy market. Corruption is a big hurdle in the growth of the country. Due to corruption foreign investors show lack of interest in doing business in India. Scams are unearthed every now and then in our country. These scams are impacting FDI inflow.

India must show zero tolerance towards corruption, bribery and social evils. Every Indian must understand his or her responsibility towards nation. No one should look for an easy way and must stand against bribery.

  • Caught by a traffic cop? Give him a 100 Rupee note, he will oblige.
  • Want to process your file first in a Government organization? Just wink at the babu and pass on the money from below the table.
  • Roads in India have a life of just about 5 years, whereas roads built in developed countries last for about 20 years. Why? Because the contractor uses cheap material and fills up his pocket.


2. Internal commotion

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Though we are a country that speaks over 20 different languages, we are not united on a single language. Migration between states becomes more difficult that migrating to a different country. A person coming from a nearby state is often treated as a foreigner to their “land”.

During the early days of Independent India, there were some “initiatives” to make Hindi the common language of India. Somehow, it has not got widespread acceptance at least in the Southern states. Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew was brilliant. Though the country had predominantly higher Chinese population, he did not force the others to learn Chinese. Instead all of them learnt English and accepted English as the link language. But unfortunately it did not happen like that in India. Hindi, which was spoken only in three states (UP, MP and Haryana) was imposed on the remaining 22 states just because Jawaharlal Nehru was from UP. As a result, till date, we fight among states owing to lack of unity. To this date, the central govt is pushing everyone to learn this language by various means. For example, to enter politics, it’s mandatory to know Hindi. To ace the IAS, it’s mandatory to know Hindi and so on. This has only incited a feeling of hatred and not unity as the govt expected it to be.


3. High income inequality

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Maharashtra boasts that it’s the richest state in India in terms of GDP per capita. But I doubt that. If we ask Ambani’s family, Salman Khan and Sachin Tendulkar to migrate to Bihar, then probably Bihar could become the richest state. According to World bank, anyone living with less than 2US$ a day is deemed to be struck with poverty and according to that statistics, over 80% (or approximately 800 million) people live with income of < ₹100 a day. What did the government do to uplift them? I fear none. But, Yes, it did one smart Math. According to India, anyone earning less that 0.4$ a day (₹15 a day) is deemed to be poverty struck and by this figure, only 30% of Indians are poor. This 0.4$ is calculated using nominal GDP by India. But owing to very high inflation nominal GDP figures is often misleading. In fact India is third richest (richer than Japan) country in terms of nominal GDP which shows the extent of misleads nominal GDP calculations can have.


4. Lack of Literacy and Knowledge

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When Kerala has a whopping 100% literacy, other states should learn from it and try to implement a similar system in their state. But our tendency is, “Why should we imitate that puny little state? My state is great.”


5. No Cleanliness

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People eat ghutka, tobacco and spit wherever they want. People pee at any place they find suitable. Every locality has a garbage heap dumped somewhere. People are so smart, they will always throw garbage outside the garbage bin, and never inside it. Littering is built into Indian citizens. Little children throw chocolate wrappers on the road. People eat banana and throw its skin on the road.

There are multiple other reasons for why India is still a developing country. However the major contributors are listed above.

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