Ignoring foot fracture, Sonal Chauhan completes ‘The Ghost’ action shots

Hyderabad, Sep 16 It is not just her looks but her determination that actor Sonal Chauhan is getting noticed for. The Bollywood actress who is part of highly the anticipated movie, ‘The Ghost’ starring Nagarjuna, while training for an action scene hurt her foot and was rushed to hospital.

The actress had fractured her foot during her MMA training and was told to avoid any training/action scenes for the next six weeks.

However, the dedicated actor in Sonal persisted despite the difficulties as she knew she didn’t have the luxury of time.

She resumed her training and completed her shoot for the action scenes and left everyone impressed on the set with her dedication and professionalism. Interestingly, Sonal also took training for weapons for this film since she plays an interpol officer.

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