Mumbai, Jan 3  Former ‘Bigg Boss 10’ contestant Manu Punjabi says he enjoys putting performance and happiness together in the workplace.

He says: “I believe performance and happiness go hand in hand in making our work successful. I enjoy staying happy and that is something I resolute every year for myself. I believe being happy lets me perform well on sets and keeps me interested in learning something new everyday.”

Manu Punjabi who participated in ‘Bigg Boss 10’ and later had once again entered the 14th season as a challenger adds the best way to practice to be happy is to not over-analyse any issues.

He adds: “Happy people trust that whatever glitch happens will work itself out. I learned that happy people don’t fixate on themselves and their problems. They don’t over-analyse the issues. When we start to get stuck on a problem or feel stress, we need to put our attention on something else. I remind myself to not have to have it all figured out: Get outside. Go back to your work. Plan something fun.”

Manu who has hosted a reality TV show called ‘A Date To Remember’ and also acted in a Bollywood film called ‘Miss Masala Dosa’ doesn’t enjoy comparisons. “I never enjoy comparisons. As comparison has been compared to a little death. When we compare ourselves to others, we harm ourselves. Being happy lets us know that we are no better or less than another person. Someone will always be at a more evolved place and someone will always be less-evolved. We need to adopt a habit to be concerned with only how to do your best and that’s all.”

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