Mumbai, Dec 18 Actor Himanshu Soni, who is seen as Abhimanyu in the show ‘Aggar Tum Na Hote’, talks about the wedding sequence and also reveals his entire look for it.

“The highlight of the wedding track is really good. There was Haldi and Mehendi and now we would be having the ‘Shaadi’ track. Abhimanyu ran away from his home because he knew, given his mental condition, he had raised his hand on his big brother. He is now worried about his family’s safety and in a lot of pain. The story begins like he runs away to Mumbai from Lucknow. The wedding track revolves around this, where a girl called Niyati (Simaran Kaur) suddenly meets him in Mumbai and is a nurse, does his treatment and they fall in love.”

“If he doesn’t get Niyati or feels Niyati is lying, then he gets triggered and tries to kill her. When he realised later what he tried to do, he promised himself to not come in between Niyati and Dr Anand’s (Tushar Chawla) marriage. And it’s also revealed that Abhimanyu was already married. Now the story progresses and will reveal a few things,” he shares.

About his outfits in the show, Himanshu reveals that it is a normal a black coat, shirt and pants. “In the wedding, I am going to wear Indo-Western,” he adds.

There will be a major twist in the story. “The best part about the story is that there is no drama, the character itself is all the drama that is required. The twist is about a man who is in pain, he is getting the girl he loves married. He is stuck in some situation that will be revealed. Abhimanyu is taking shock therapy to reduce the effect of the attack so that he doesn’t get an attack,” he says.

“The wedding track definitely grabs attention but what matters is how much the show reaches the people. The fact that people are loving it is everything for us.”

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