Mumbai, May 7 Veteran actress and MP, Hema Malini shared the teaser of debutant director Saif Hyder Hasan’s Hindi feature film ‘Yes Papa’, based on child safety and sexual abuse.

Talking about why she decided to lend her support to the film, Hema Malini said: “This is an important issue, and when creative producer Ram Kamal Mukherjee showed me the teaser, I felt that we must make films to create awareness in this society. Child abuse is a heinous crime, and these criminals need to be punished. Kudos to filmmaker Saif Hyder Hasan for treating this sensitive subject with care.”

The film revolves around a girl victim who was assaulted by her own father for years.

Hema Malini: Child abuse is a heinous crime, must be stopped.

“Since childhood, girls are taught to be careful whenever they step outside the safety of their homes. But no one is prepared if the predator is living under the same roof. No one is prepared if the predator is the one who is supposed to protect them – in this case, the predator is her father. Newspapers report at least four cases a week of such inhuman act which we tend to overlook,” said director Saif Hyder Hasan.

Actress Geetika Tyagi plays the protagonist who suffered sexual assault as a kid in the film. Through her journey as the victim, we reveal her traumatic childhood interwoven brilliantly with courtroom drama.

Geetika Tyagi said: “The one point that Saif is making through this film is how essential it is to break the silence surrounding this grave and dreadful issue.”

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