Mumbai, Nov 28  South Korean dark fantasy series ‘Hellbound’ may have ousted Hwang Dong-hyuk’s survival drama series ‘Squid Game’ from the number one spot of the world’s popular TV show rankings but the show’s director Yeon Sang-ho is all praise for the survival drama series.

The director is a fan of the show’s vision. Talking about the Hwang Dong-hyuk directorial, Yeon Sang-ho told Variety, “I personally enjoyed ‘Squid Game’ very much as well. And I feel like the vision that it had within it, being a genre drama, was very relatable and there were a lot of points within the show that I was able to relate to as well.”

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He added that both ‘Hellbound’ and ‘Squid Game’ have their own element, “I think that both shows have their own entertainment elements. And as for where those points lie within the show, it’s all different. I think that ‘Squid Game’ was able to really resonate with a lot of people.”

On a concluding remark, Yeon draws a parallel between the two shows, he said, “Also there’s that entertainment factor of drawing from childhood games as well. I think with ‘Hellbound’ as well, these are pieces that lead to a lot of active conversation among the audiences. I think that’s where both of their entertainment factors come from.”

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