Mumbai, May 7  Debutant director Sudarshan Gamare took up the challenge of bringing Wahid Shaikh’s fight for justice to the big screen with his film ‘Haemolymph’ and says that he wanted to show what is real.

‘Haemolymph’ is a real story about a school teacher named Abdul Wahid Shaikh, who was accused in the July 11, 2006 Mumbai train bombings case, which not only ruined his life but also his family’s.

The film is about his fight for justice and also about others whose lives have been impacted by the blasts.

Gamare said, “I wanted to make a film which showcased what happened to not just with Wahid Shaikh but also about everybody whose life had drastically changed because of the Mumbai train blast of 2006.”

“We wanted to make the film as real as possible showcasing all the incidents that happened post the blast and not take cinematic liberty. We have also used real names of all characters except a few.”

Adding further he said, “Me along with my set designer Swapnil Surve spoke to Wahid and others at length about how the courts looked like and how the Anda cell looks where he spent most of his jailed time.”

He added: “We wanted the sets to look as authentic as possible so that people get immersed in the story and the sets look part of it. We even went to court to attend a proceeding where Wahid’s trial was conducted. We looked at every minute detail.”

Produced by Tikatbari and AB Films Entertainment in association with Adiman Films, the film is co-produced by ND9 Studios.

The film is written and directed by Sudarshan Gamare.

The film stars Riyaz Anwar who essays the role of Abdul Wahid Shaik. The film is slated to release in theatres near you on May 27.

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