Gutsy lyrics, desi swag: Why Badshah smiles when Srushti Tawde raps

New Delhi, Oct 16 ‘Bhagwan Bol Raha Hun!’ These lines can take anyone by surprise for once and make one wonder what is happening?

Well, in today’s date, it is not a big deal for anything to go viral, but if that is really worth it, then the fun doubles.

Not to take much of the time of the readers, let’s jump to the reason for all this build-up.

Recently, a few clips of young rapper Srushti Tawde — performing ‘Bhagwan Bol Raha Hu’ and ‘Chhota Don’ on MTV rap reality show Hustle 2.0 — have gone viral across social media platforms, leaving netizens both impressed and entertained. Last seen, the rapper’s viewership count on YouTube had crossed 17 million.

It will not be wrong to mention that the evolution of desi rap has been the new big change in Indian music as a whole. And the MTV rap reality show with aspiring rappers as participants has been promoting desi hip-hop in all the right ways.

Twenty-year-old Srushti has impressed everyone with her swag and smoky fearless lyrics. Judge of the show Badshah too can be seen in awe while listening to her rap as is the rest of the team.

The Mumbai rapper is very much active on Instagram, where she has taken the mickey of Baba Ramdev in the past. When she was not a part of the show, she used to write rap lyrics on trending issues and present them in videos by herself, strumming a guitar, splicing images of the target of her derision into the reel.

Srushti became so popular that she has gained almost 506K followers on Instagram. She also runs a YouTube channel where she posts her videos showing her talent. As per reports, she discovered a new talent for herself during the Covid-19 pandemic and began combining her poetry with some rhythm and beat.

Rap as a genre of music has had an impressive increase in popularity. Not everyone can understand or tolerate the complexity of its style but most can appreciate and bob their heads with the music.

Let’s see what Srushti delivers next as her fans wait eagerly.

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