Mumbai, April 14  Actor Guneet Sharma’s character Amrik in Punjabi show ‘Tere Dil Vich Rehan De’ has been getting much love from the audience. After six months, the show finally wrapped up last week.

Speaking on the same, Guneet says: “I’m overwhelmed with lots of emotions right now. I have worked in my hometown this time. It’s really great to be working in your field by being attached to your mother tongue and people. Every moment while being on shooting has given me a different feeling and a strong attachment to the camera things! But yes, I would really miss my whole cast and team.”

“Each one of them has been really cooperative, hardworking, down to earth and has great personalities. I enjoyed working with them much and I really wish that I get a chance to work with them in any of the upcoming projects, even being in Hindi also.”

He further continues: “The most biggest thing I would really like to mention for this part is, I have gained my people, meaning my own Punjabis, my fans from this show! People have started knowing me, like whenever I am in social gatherings or even in the market or malls somewhere, they come and meet me, and click pictures with me.

“I really think, this is the best thing any artist could wish for, so I am really grateful to that divine power, my parents, my fans, my supporters that they have given such love to this show and especially my character.”

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