Gourish Yeleti set for movie debut with ‘O Kala’

Mumbai, May 28  Actor Gourish Yeleti, who was previously seen in thriller web series ‘Hawala’, is delighted to make his film debut with the upcoming movie ‘O Kala’.

He says: “I’m blessed to make my film debut with such a great story. I’m happy to be part of the Tollywood entertainment industry as I have grown up here and I’m closer to the language and culture here. I’m based in Hyderabad.”

Talking about his role in the movie Gourish adds: “I play the role of Harsha, it is pretty much about a guy who is very easy going as in a kind of a happy person who has his problems yet doesn’t let it affect him. He has a lot of troubles in life but still likes to just enjoy the moment and move on with life.

“My role will be very much relatable to viewers. It’s not just how we are in general but also about how we should embrace life in general. It is very much important to stay happy with all the problems in life.”

Gourish reveals how the project written and directed by Deepak Kolipaka, which was earlier planned to be a short film turned out to be a movie.

He shares: “Our director, Deepak, is a friend of mine and we had this story for like ten years now. We wanted to make it as a short film but couldn’t due to many other reasons but the story is still fresh and thanks to the lockdown it gave us time to work on it and let it turn into a movie.”

The poster of the movie was earlier launched by popular filmmaker S.S. Rajamouli.

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