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Goli Soda

Goli Soda Movie Review


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Goli Soda
Goli Soda

Cast: Kishore, Sri Ram, Pandi, Murugesh, Chandini, Suhasini,Sujatha, Imman Annachi
Written and Directed by- S.D.Vijay Milton
Dialgoues- Pandiraj
Music: S.N.Arunagiri, Backround Score- A. Seelin
Cinematography: S.D.Vijay Milton

Puli (Kishore),Settu (Sri Ram), Chittapa (Pandi) and Kuttimani (Murugesh), are orphan adolescents who are labourers at the Koyambedu fruits and vegetable market. Aachi (Sujatha) a shop owner in the market is their well-wisher and insists them to do something to safeguard their future.

On Aachi’s request Naidu an indigenous money lender and a big shot at the market offers his godown for the boys to start their own shop. The guys start with  a food stall and happily achieve an identity. Mayil the right hand of Naidu misuses the godown which is the business center of the four boys. When the boys resist Mayil’s misbehavior, they end up incurring the wrath of Naidu and his empire of goondas.

Whether the four young chaps manage to save their lives and redeem their lost identity forms the rest.

Script Review

Cinematographer turned Director S.D.Vijay Milton’s debut film Azhaka Irukkirai Bayamai Irukkiradhu, was released in 2006. His comeback venture Goli Soda traces the pursuit of 4 orphans bereft of parents, family, financial background etc.

Films having adolescents as the lead characters have to be realistic as the scope for crowd pulling elements like daredevil stunts, punch dialogues, romance etc. are highly limited. Goli Soda is the first film that has broken this belief and ended up as a fairly realistic film that has ample potential to please the entertainment seekers.

Milton’s Screenplay and Pandiraj’s Dialogues make the film what it is. The first half moves without having a dull moment and once Mayil enters the shop of the guys, the script gains momentum and travels in the same pace till the end.

The scene in a Police Station in which a drunkard, questions the police and the Government for their double standard in selling alcohol and arresting those who drive after drinking it, is a blast.

The film has its share of cinematic liberties. The reunions of the guys who are isolated by the sidekicks of Naidu could have been portrayed convincingly. A group of Adolescent fighting with trained rowdies and causing injuries to them could not be digested beyond a point though the director has tried his best to make them look like reality.

Seelin’s re-recording provides the necessary momentum while Arunagiri’s songs are just passable. Milton’s cinematography has succeeded in capturing Koyambedu Market with the its true colour.

Some may feel that the film boasts of violence and encourages youngsters to choose the path of Violence. However this may be baseless arguments because the protagonists fight back only to save their life and identity and they generously refrain avenging the man who caused them all the agony.

Goli Soda
Goli Soda


The film’s Protagonists are the four young adolescents who had acted in Pandiraj’s debut directorial venture ,Pasanga . All the four have equal importance in the script and they have done it with Finesse.

Sujatha and the artiste who has acted as Naidu have given their best and Imman Annachi succeeds in uplifting the humor quotient of the film.

Chandinias Yamini the daughter of Aachi and Seetha as ATM do their part neatly.

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