New Delhi, March 9 Hollywood star Robert Pattinson feels that he accidentally planted the seed with producer Dylan Clark for the role of Batman in the latest cape crusader film.

“I think I accidentally planted the seed. I was meeting Dylan for something else and then… Actually, to be honest, I think I definitely was angling after it, but I didn’t know what the status of the project was.

“But I remember talking to Dylan for a long time then just right at the end, being, “So what’s happening with The Batman?” But it didn’t really fit into the kind of stuff I was doing then. But for some reason, with Batman… It’s literally the only comic character I’d ever do. It’s by far the coolest one. And I thought it was completely out of reach as well.

He added: “So, I was like, “Oh, I might as well just throw my cap in the ring.” I didn’t realize that Matt was thinking about me for it as well, which is a lovely coincidence.”

What did Pattinson think about his take on this character when you first heard it, or read the script?

The actor said: It’s funny, because I didn’t quite realize why it felt so different at first, and I actually had to talk to him about it afterwards, and he’s like, “Oh, it’s because Bruce isn’t a playboy in it. He’s not a playboy and he hasn’t got control.”

” Normally in all the other movies, he has complete control of the delineation of when he’s Bruce in public, when he’s Bruce in private and when he’s Batman, and he can just change at will. Whereas in this film, he’s basically Batman the whole time, in a way; he’s just let Bruce disappear. I mean, Bruce feels nothing about himself, Bruce is just this afterthought to his life. Which is sad in a way.”

Sharing more details about his take on Bruce Wayne, Pattinson said: “But Bruce as a person starts to reawaken as the story goes along, but he just thinks, “I just want to abandon it all. I just want to be Batman the entire time. And I just sleep as Bruce,” basically.”

Warner Bros. Pictures has released ‘The Batman’ pan-India on March 4 in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu.

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