One Share Can Save Millions Of Lives

Many may find this post not interesting interesting or funny or entertained. But this post does share important information.

Not many realize the importance of blood until they need it…..

This was shared by Robin Kankerwal, from Global Blood Donors Team and below is what he says :

Inspired from a true incidence when I lost my loved one due to shortage of blood. I have decided to take an initiative and developed the website This website is for those people who don’t have money and can’t afford blood. Also, for those people who needs blood in an emergency and the same blood group is not available.

World’s first Blood donors database that use real time technology. This website is developed to connect all of the voluntarily blood donors to help the people who are in need of blood. If you make a search for the blood donors it will use real time technology and will give the information of that person first who is nearby you. So, you can contact that person in case of emergency and he will be available to donate the blood within minutes and one precious life can be saved.

Please share it and help Global Blood Donors Team in their noble initiative.

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