Mumbai, Nov 6  Choreographer and television personality Geeta Kapur shares the reason for calling Farah Khan Kunder her mother on the finale episode of ‘Zee Comedy Show’

Geeta said that during work related tours Farah took care of her like her own mother and she always stood with her.

She said: “Whenever I used to go for any work, shoot or event, my mother used to travel with me. However, after I started working with Farah Khan, we had to travel abroad a lot and my mother couldn’t travel with me all the time. But Farah took care of me like a mother and I felt that maternal love and protection, since then I started calling her mumma.”

But at times this turned out to be embarrassing for Farah. In fact, she recalls one moment at the airport when everyone around Farah started noticing her, when Geeta started calling her “mummy”.

Farah said: “At that time, Geeta and I were hot and happening, so whenever she used to call me mumma, we would see hilarious reactions. In fact, one time, at the airport, I was looking very pretty wearing these denim shorts and top. But she came in screaming mummy, mummy from behind, leaving everyone shocked. An airhostess even came up and told me you’re too young to be a mother to such a big woman. It was embarrassing.”

“But Geeta is like my daughter, we share a wonderful bond and it’ll be the same for life,” Farah concludes.

‘Zee Comedy Show’ airs on Zee TV.

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