Chennai, Nov 23  A birthday wish post put out by actor Gautham Karthik for his mother is winning hearts on social media.

On Tuesday, Gautham Karthik, the son of actor Karthik and actress Ragini, took to Instagram to post a birthday wish for his mom, who he said was the coolest person in the whole world.

The actor wrote, “Happy Birthday to the coolest person in the whole world!! I love you ma! Thank you for being such an awesome inspiration in my life! You overcame every obstacle that life threw at you and came out with a winning smile. You never lost your positive attitude and loving nature no matter the difficult circumstances.”

Gautham Karthik at Rangoon Audio Launch

“You’ve held your own against all odds, and you have proven beyond a doubt that you are the strongest person I know. If I ever find myself overwhelmed in life and I feel like I’m not strong enough, all I need to do is to see how you stood tall, smiled and quietly (but bravely) faced your problems, and I’d find my strength to do the same,” the actor said.

Saying that his mother will always be his hero, the actor wrote, “Thank you for leading by example and showing me what strength truly is. I truly am blessed to have the most amazing mom in the whole world.”

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