G.V. Prakash is a friend who stood by me when I was shattered: Director Vasantabalan

Chennai, Dec 5  Heaping praises on actor G.V. Prakash, who apart from playing the lead has also scored the music for his new film ‘Jail’, director Vasantabalan on Saturday said that Prakash, whom he had introduced as a young music director at the age of 17 in 2006, had now attained great heights.

Speaking at a press meet organised by the team of ‘Jail’, the director said that he looked upon Prakash as a friend who had held his hand when he was standing shattered, without a hero to act in his film.

“The cooperation and the amount of work that G.V. Prakash has put into this project as an actor is just fantastic. The music he has given for the film is even better,” the director said and added, “We shot for 40 days in dirt, that had faeces. I would make him run in those places.”

Stating that despite the demanding requirements that were placed on him, the actor so much as never even frowned, Vasantabalan said, “He stood by me like a younger brother. G.V. Prakash has delivered an exceptional performance in this film and the entire credit for that performance must go entirely to him.”

The director said Prakash never ever showed any signs of anger or frustration while working on his film ‘Jail’, which is scheduled to hit screens on December 9.

“After ‘Angaadi Theru’, there was a small misunderstanding between Prakash and me. So, we did not work together after that. We are only working together now, in ‘Jail’. He scored music for the first number. I heard the number. It was good but I wanted a number that was even better and that could beat the superhit number ‘Uruguthey’ from my earlier film, ‘Veyil’. So, I very hesitantly, approached him, worried that this shouldn’t cause any heartburn between us.

“When he saw me, Prakash asked, ‘What do you want sir?’ I very hesitantly asked him, ‘Can I get a different tune?’ Prakash, instantly said, ‘Yes sir, certainly. No problem’.”

The tune that he composed after that is the number ‘Kaathodu Kaathaanen’. It has emerged a superhit with over 21 million views on YouTube, the director disclosed.

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