Fortnite’s new update features wolf-like abilities, more

San Francisco, Oct 18 Popular online video game Fortnite on Tuesday released an update that features “Fortnitemares”, the annual Halloween event that includes the ability to transform into a wolf-like monster.

As reported by The Verge, the update includes multiple new features such as there is now a DJ hanging out at the Reality Tree, and players can perform a ritual to get access to an item called “howler claws” that results in the werewolf transformation.

With the claws equipped, players can now find other players, use melee attacks, and double jump. In some ways, it sounds like the wraith-like abilities from 2020.

Moreover, the latest update also brings a new Zero Build version of the classic horde rush mode, the return of Halloween-themed items like candy and a pumpkin launcher, and a handful of quests to unlock free in-game items.

Fortnitemares runs from now until November 1st, as reported.

In the new update, a “Custom Diagonals Keyboard Movement” setting has been added to the Mouse and Keyboard settings tab. This new setting allows the player to adjust the diagonal movement of their character to their liking.

Meanwhile, Fortnite launched its latest season a month ago, and it includes new features like metallic substances that can turn you into chrome blobs. As a Chrome blob, users also gain the ability to air dash, allowing them to close distance on enemies quickly, the report said.

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