Mumbai, Jan 25  Actor Dibyendu Bhattacharya, who will be soon seen in the upcoming comedy thriller ‘Looop Lapeta’, bleached his hair for his part in the film, this transformation on the physical front helped him get into the skin of the character.

Recollecting his shooting experience, the actor said: “The shooting experience was absolutely great, it is a different character – quirky, and very stylised, much like the director, who has a knack for these kind of films. It was a colourful and challenging character, and it was an ensemble cast, but every character has a beautiful presence.

“The biggest thing is that my hair was bleached for this movie. I had to struggle with this hair for over six months after the movie. I experienced a complete metamorphosis which helped me play the character more truthfully and it was also fun while doing it.”

Commenting on his transformation which was hard wired to his performance in the film, he said: “It is interesting how getting into the skin of the character physically, reverses the process of characterisation as you first get into the character with your outer physical appearance and then you do it internally instead of the opposite.'”

About the popularity that this genre enjoys and the competition that exists, he said: “Because of the quirkiness and the space in which the movie exists, it looks real at the end and exists in a space that makes reality look poetic. Everyone knows this is a homage to the cult classic ‘Run Lola Run’, and it has elements from the movie too. Though it is a completely fresh perspective, it creates a new zone.”

Talking about how OTT acts as a fertile ground for off – beat content, he said: “This genre is popular in the OTT space and it is a content specific medium and that’s where it works. We can’t experiment in mainstream films because we are scared to move past the run off the mill content and the medium also enjoys a wider audience than cinema at this point.

“Of course, there is a lot of competition, but the way the content is created, a lot of content around drugs, sex, gore, prevails and other times, we have desi comedies that work. However, this content is still fresh for the space.”

Directed by Aakash Bhatia, produced by Sony Pictures Films India and Ellipsis Entertainment, ‘Looop Lapeta’ is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on February 4.

In addition, Dibyendu has a string of upcoming projects which includes titles like ‘Khuda Hafiz Chapter 2’, ‘Undekhi 2’, and a Bengali film titled ‘Bonbibi’.

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