VMware is a company that develops desktop and server virtualization software. This software is used across different technological areas like data centers, cloud platform, and mobile devices. One of the most popular VMware products is vSphere, a virtualization platform for cloud computing.The vSphere platform provides an efficient, flexible, and secure basis for hybrid cloud. To service this product, the individual need to possess exceptional skills related to the implementation, troubleshooting, and management of a vSphere V6.5 infrastructure.

This brings us to the VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization (VCP6.5-DCV) certification which is created for those who want to work with vSphere V6.5 professionally. Here, we’re going to discuss the details of this VMware credential and how you can earn it using materials from the Exam-Labs site. But first, let’s see how VMware certification works.


VMware Certification Levels

VMware certifications fall intofour levels:


  • VMware Certified Associate (VCA)


The associate-level credentials are targeted at IT candidates who are beginning their career or are thinking of changing thefield of occupation. They include executives, administrators, and architects who are tasked with making decisionsregarding VMware solutions.


  • VMware Certified Professional (VCP)


These credentials are targetedat more experiencedprofessionals like administrators and engineers involved in installing and configuring VMware solutions.


  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP)


This certification level is for professionals like administrators and architects who design, build as well as optimize and manage VMware solutions.


  • VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX)


Certified design experts are professionals who have experience in designing, building,and managing VMware systems and solutions.

Now, let’s move to the credential we mentioned above.

VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization Certification Details

This professional-level certification validates your knowledge and hands-on skills in implementing, managing, and troubleshooting a vSphere V6.5 environment. To qualify, you should be able to carry out the mentioned tasks while using best practices in order toprovidea powerful, effective, and secure foundation for business efficiency and agility. The goal is to ensure the acceleration of the transformation to cloud-based computing.


To earn VCP6.5-DCV, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • Go through one of the recommended VCP6.5-DCV training courses
  • Pass any of the two foundationtests – 2V0-620 or 2V0-602 (both of these exams are set to retire on 30th August 2019)
  • The final step is to pass 2V0-622 test (this exam also retires on 30th August 2019)

Now that you know all the steps of this certification path, let’s see what’s in 2V0-622 exam.

VMware 2V0-622 Exam Details

2V0-622 exam tests your skills to successfully manage, scale, deploy, and install the environments of 6.5 vSphere. Here are the exam details:

  • Exam format: single and multiple-choice questions
  • Number of questions: 70
  • Duration: 105 minutes
  • Passing score: 300 points
  • Languages: English and Japanese
  • Exam cost: $250
  • Delivery: proctored

Why Earn VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization Certification?

The VCP6.5-DCV certification will help boost your IT career significantly. If you want to become efficient in deploying and managing the VMware vSphere, then this credential will help you attain the required skills. The reasons to go for this certification include the following:

  • You’ll earn a globally recognized and accepted certification
  • VCP6.5-DCV demonstrates that you can use the vSphere platform to provide much-needed virtualization solutions to businesses that require them
  • You’ll become a sought-after systems administrator or systems engineer. With this credential, finding employment becomes easier and faster
  • You’ll qualify for promotions and better pay. VMware professionals with VCP6.5-DCV credential earn an average annual salary of $89,000 according to PayScale

However, the main advantage is that the VCP6.5-DCV certification gives you an opportunity to seek higher credentials. Once you earn your VCP6.5-DCV, you will be eligible to go further and earn a VMware Certified Design Expertcredential which would mean even greater career opportunities for you.

How to Pass VMware 2V0-622 Exam?

It’s one thing to think about taking an exam, and another thing to pass it. There are a number of things that will determine how well you prepare for your 2V0-622 exam. Starting your studies early enough, finding the right prep materials, and allocating enough time to prepare – all these factors are crucial to the overall goal.

It may be a little difficult to choose training materials that will suit you. But Exam-Labs is here to take that burden off your shoulders. We’re going to share with you the best resources that you can use to pass your 2V0-622 test. These resources have been used by exam takersacross the world:

1.VMware Website

Start your exam preparation from the VMware official site. Find the exam syllabus, the requirements to meet, and other details. You can check out the FAQs questions section to know what other candidates are asking and which feedback they receive.

  1. Training Courses

Before you take 2V0-622 exam, you have to enroll insome of the VMware recommended training courses. There are a number of courses for this exam (eight to be precise). You have to select one and pass it. For example, VMware Certification Exam Prep course for VCP6.5 (exams 2V0-622/2V0-622D) gives you an overview of the certification program, trusted tips to pass your test, and a review of individual exam objectives in detail. This provides you with an opportunity to build your skills and close any knowledge gaps. It will also give you the confidence you need to take and pass your exam.

  1. VMware Technology Network

There is an official VMware community that gives you access to discussions, podcasts, and other resources that can be useful to your exam preparation. You can check out a specific vSphere forum on the VMware Technology Network website.

  1. VMware 2V0-622 Exam Dumps

If there’s one reliable way to prepare for your exam, then it’s using exam dumps. These past questions and answers cover the exam topics in detail and provide a reliable formula for passing your exam. Test yourself with 2V0-622 exam dumps from Exam-Labs and find out how well you understood the material. TheExam-Labs 2V0-622 preparation bundle comes with questions and answers, video lectures, and a study guide. To use exam dumps, you have to download a software that helps you practice with the questions as though you’re taking the actual exam. It’s a great way to check your readiness and see what to expect in the test.

Final Thoughts

The virtualization platform is becoming more popular as businesses continue to adopt it. This is because it’s efficient, secure,and cost-effective. VMware helps enterprises to focus on being more productive andallows them to get rid of the problems associated with the use ofservers on physical hardware. If you want to be an expert administrator or engineer helping businesses achieve their goals, then you need to build your skills. You need to study, pass your exam, and earn a VCP6.5-DCV certification.With Exam-Labs, you can always find a way to attain knowledge and practical skillsand pass your VMware 2V0-622 exam.

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