Ethan Peck was overwhelmed when he heard about playing Spock

Mumbai, May 8 Hollywood actor Ethan Peck, who has been receiving a lot of positive response for the recently released television series, ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’, spoke about the pressure that he had to endure for reprising the iconic character of Spock, a role that has been immortalised by Leonard Nimoy.

In a roundtable conversation, the actor told IANS, “I have felt huge amounts of pressure (for this role). In the beginning of the audition process, I didn’t know which character I was reading for. And, when I discovered it, I had a moment with a friend at that point of time. I was so overwhelmed with the opportunity to play this role and the responsibilities that come with it.”

Talking about the potential of Spock to catalyse his evolution as a human being, Ethan further said, “It required me to grow in huge amounts as a person and as an actor. To be able to do all of that was very frightening back then because I knew that the role demanded to be done in a very deep and profound way. I still feel the pressure to this day, I would say that I’m a little less afraid of being fired this time (laughs).”

He also shared how the role overlaps with his inner subconscious, “I have struggled a lot with existential thoughts. I contemplate that a lot and not in a morbid way. It sends me down the path of idea and self-awareness and I believe that Spock is very much the same – a person who belongs to two worlds, Vulcan and the Rarth and shares a very different relationship with both of them.”

Taking a more philosophical route, he said in closing, “I think the contemplation of death is a great igniter as it inspires you to work differently, more ambitiously, more creatively and to solve problems more quickly because time is limited, so far as we know.”

‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ is available to stream on Voot Select for Indian viewers.

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