Denzel Washington is super humble, says actress Divi Vadhthya

Chennai, Oct 8 Actress Divi Vadthya, who has just returned from Italy where she met actor Denzel Washington on the sets of ‘Equalizer 3’, says the Hollywood star is super humble and grounded.

Taking to her Instagram to share details of her first trip abroad, Divi said, “Had an amazing time on the sets of ‘Equalizer 3’, in Rome.”

She thanked cinematographer Robert Richardson, who, she said was the one who made it possible for her to meet the unit of ‘Equalizer 3’.

“Thank you Bob – the great cinematographer Robert Richardson for making this happen and giving me this wonderful experience…. Without you, this wouldn’t have happened. Three years ago, I worked as an assistant for him in India for an ad film”, she further noted in her social media post.

Talking about Denzel, she mentioned, “Met Denzel Washington – such an amazing person he is. Super humble and grounded. Loved the conversation with him. I watch his speeches and follow his videos. He motivates and gives a lot of strength, also spreads a positive aura.”

She also wrote about the director of the film and their style of working.

She said the clarity Antoine Fuqua, the director of the ‘Equalizer’ series and films like ‘Training Day’ has towards the a scene and see him work on the sets was incredible.

“My respect for them (has) increased 10 times after seeing them work. So happy to share this. My trip to Rome was worth it. This is my first time out of India and I shall cherish these memories forever.”

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