Delhi liquor stores partially reopen, bars begin service

New Delhi, Aug 2 After remaining shut for a day, liquor stores in Delhi started reopening partially on Tuesday, as the Delhi government’s decision to extend excise licences of private liquor vends as well as hotels and bars by a month got Lt Governor V.K. Saxena’s approval. 

Delhi government has extended private liquor vends’ licenses for a month to make the transition from private shops to government ones smoother.

However, all liquor shops did not open and lesser people were seen outside some of these vends which opened in early hours in different parts of the capital.

Meanwhile, the bars and restaurants served the liquor in Tuesday. 

Talking to IANS, the manager of a leading restaurant manager said that they have started serving liquor after a day. “We paid excise fees online today to get the licence renewed and after that, we have started serving,” he said.

The Excise Department had issued orders for extension of retail and wholesale licences up to August 31, on payment of applicable fee for the period, on Monday night. However, this has been extended for one month only and from September 1, Delhi will revert to the old regime.

On this development, CIABC Director General Vinod Giri said that the normalisation of trade with a clear and consistent policy parameter is essential for supply chains to work efficiently.

“Start-stop-start mode or very short term extensions like a month just disrupt the supply chain, creating stock pile-ups or stock-outs that take time to regain shape and flow. This is a loss to all stakeholders, be it the government, the manufacturers, the traders or the consumers,” he said.

Giri said that they hope that the government works out a permanent solution very soon, for the rest of the year and for years ahead, which regains the sense of stability, predictability, and tranquility so vital for a vibrant trade and industry.

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